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Borders PB

Effective time management often requires a delicate balance between privacy and interactions with colleagues, Borders can be retrofitted to our laminate work stations as well as your own, in a manner that allows you to define your workspace the way you want. Post sizes available: 36″H, 24″H, or 12″H. These size posts allow stacking 3 panels for complete privacy, 2 panels for moderate privacy, or 1 panel for interactive privacy. Transaction tops are also available for collaborative or reception settings. This series of Borders cannot be integrated with the PB2 Series.


• Modular panel system that can be retrofitted to most desks and workstations

• Ideal for creating reception stations and partitions between colleagues

• Economical, versatile and stylish

• Post Frames Available in black or silver

• See panel system dimensions here

• Panels available in glazed view or fabric


Assembly Video