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Instructional Videos

Below please find instructional videos on assembly or operation of some of our most popular product lines. 
We hope you find these tutorials helpful.  Please contact us anytime if we can be of further assistance. 

Chair Functions and Accessories

Chair Functions

Lockcore Installation

Elements Series

Elements Workstation Assembly

Elements Series Benching Assembly

Elements Series Workstation Assembly

PLT U Leg Assembly

PLT L shape U Leg (w/Return Support) Assembly

PLT L shape U Leg (w/support beam) Assembly

Table Assembly

Height Adjustable Table Assembly

Flip Top Table Assembly

PL Laminate

Laminate PL U Group Assembly

PL112 and PL152 Assembly

PL208 Assembly

PL Corner Unit with Bullet Top Assembly

SpaceMax and Borders

Freestanding Panel Assembly

Borders Assembly