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Laminate Color Matching

A uniform look is important throughout your office,  that’s why we have found laminate colors similar to the Harmony Collection created by these other manufacturers.

*Due to the nature of the medium, exact color matches cannot and will not be guaranteed. These are not direct matches but options for you and your customer to analyze.  Since our laminate product is manufactured overseas Storlie cannot presume to  claim that the Wilsonart and Nevamar options offered are a close match.  The Dealer is responsible to determine whether a laminate is a close match.


  Wilsonart Nevamar
Cherry 7924K-07 Biltmore Cherry W8352V Regency Mahogany Velvet
Mahogany 7122T-07 Empire Mahogany No close match
Honey 7061-60 Natural Pear No close match
Maple 7911-60 Manitoba Maple WM5528E Vermont Maple
Espresso No close match W2002BN Kona Blend
Silver Millenium 4622-60 Grey Nebula MR6001T Gray Matrix

Modern Walnut

7965K-12 Walnut Heights No close match

Newport Gray                                No close match                                                 No close match

Aspen                                             No close match                                                 No close match